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Political campaigns are made possible by the generous donations of citizens like you.  Please contribute to help make this campaign a success and help me bring change and innovation to the Sheriff's Office.  Your support is greatly appreciated!  Thank you!!!


  • Please make your check payable to Friends of Phelan for Sheriff
  • Include full name, address, occupation and employer in you are donating $500 or more and send to:

Friends of Phelan for Sheriff

P. O. Box 262

Hollywood, MD  20636

*Contributions are limited to $4,000 per person. Maryland election law required employer and occupation information if the total off all your contributions to the campaign during the four-year election cycle is $500 or more.  


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Disclaimer:  Contributions are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal or state income tax purposes.  Contribution Limits: A person may contribute directly or indirectly no more than $4,000 to one political committee, and a total of $10,000 to all political committees, during the four-year cycle.